Thursday, October 22, 2009

2 Wrongs...

Do not make a right! My mother keeps two darling kids after school and today the little boy was out playing in our cul-de-sac with a Frisbee ring. He sounds the alarm that it has landed in the tree (high in the tree) and that his father usually chunks tennis balls to get things down.

I have a better idea :), maybe something heavier...maybe one of Big Daddy's lawn mowing shoes. Nah - doesn't work!
Blow wind blow! At least before it's time to mow again.
Look closely for exhibits A&B.
**Anyone but me notice how many everyday uses shoes have!


~May you find Jesus in the ordinary and may His love be enough~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Call 911!

I know you've heard the expression crying wolf. I think I can say without hesitation that our family certainly qualifies for moments of high drama - some without need, well one may have just occurred.
I was trying to mind my own business in the bathroom, supervised as always by my 2 dear canine friends, when I noticed Jake sniffing something on the floor. He suddenly jumped back, sniffed again, jumped back...I looked and said, oh my gosh, is that a scorpion?

I wasn't actually talking to myself at this point as I was multi-tasking, talking on the phone. I get the idea to have my other dog Maggie check it out. So she heads over, same thing, backs up, the thing appears to recoil and I suddenly feel awful that now both of my dogs have been stung!

I go into an organized panic, Tiffany begins googling, words like poisonous, deadly, drooling, call your vet immediately...blah, blah, I'm like, I've gotta go assess the situation.

Jake is beginning to look pitiful, I get both dogs outside, collect my weapons of mass destruction (aka Big Daddy's shoe and a baggie for the victim to be clearly identified) I head in for the kill.

Realizing I had a "snack" baggie and would have to be precise on the scoop, I close in and realize that it's being very cooperative, not really moving much...but then again, small dead leaves usually don't move much do they?

People...everyone back to work, it's all under control. I really need to get out of the house, it's been almost 7 days!
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Jake- Looking Pale

Jake- "I'm good! It's all good!"

~May you find Jesus in the ordinary and may His love be enough~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Eyes of Texas

And look at him go....he could go all the way! We hope so, we certainly hope so! There is something so sweet about beating ou in the Red River shoot out. I like the Eyes of Texas much better than boomer sooner. Did you guys see Bob's recent interview, the one where he tried to keep a straight face while telling the media this was just another game, not the end all of games for his team, this game didn't define their season. Really??? Since when? Since Bradford got hurt, since you already lost 2 and almost certainly out of the Championship race? Get on board Bob - this game means as much as it always has, to both teams.

Come early, be loud, eat a corny dog, stay late! Hook 'Em Horns!

Looks like everyone is pulling for the good guys....


Maggie means business...

Tennis ladies for Texas!

~May you find Jesus in the ordinary and may His love be enough~

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Little Bit Country

Last week I made a short trip to Dallas and Ft. Worth to visit Coleen and show her cousin and friend around town. We tried to jam as much as possible into our short time together.

We made the necessary Dallas stops: Tupinamba - best Mexican food ever! Sam Moon - not gonna lie, losing it's appeal, but I did get a snap watch for a smart price, State Fair, DSW (not sure how that made the list), but Coleen did purchase 3 pair of shoes in a matter of 5 minutes which earned her a free brown handbag which she gave to me! Thank you very much :) Touring Cowboy Stadium was on the agenda, but we were running short on time and our visitors broke the news that they don't really follow football...ouch! I guess Vermont doesn't spoil them with great exciting football.

Next up, Ft. Worth, the Stockyards in particular. Embarrassed to say that I have spent 33 of my 50 years living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and I had never been to the Stockyards.

I was impressed and would like to state for the record that I actually loved it. I've always been a fan of the music and the dancing (sorry fellow baptists, yes I LOVE the dancing). I like old country, sappy that tells a story. Songs that sound as if they were written just for you, yeah, I like them!
And no cowgirl would be complete without a hat! I found a really cute blue cowboy hat at the Fair, loved it, but it didn't match my darlin cowboy boots. It did however send me on a wild goose chase for one that would.

Let me set the stage. It was a bit chilly outside and I was wearing a sweater that has a reasonable amount of shaggy animal fur. My son-in-law affectionately refers to it as my Cruela, enter the salesman - let's call him 'the real deal' as he was a rootin tootin dipping cowboy.
I find a hat that is a bit of a vintage look, like my boots. I really like the color, but it was a soft straw. I'm not really a hat person, but I realized that if you have the hat shaped to fit you, it can work. So I ask the guy if they have anything in the 'real' cowboy hats, ones that can be shaped, but one that looked like the one I had on.

He basically looked at me like I was from Mars, and mam. I ask him what he thought about the straw looking hat, in particular as it related to me. Ha.

He sized up my outfit and said well, if you want to look like a real cowboy, you get the real hat. If you want to look like a city girl wearing a cowboy hat you get the one you've got on. I was happy to see that he thought I had potential. Like Cinderella and the shoe, maybe the right cowboy hat can change your life! At least change your wardrobe.
We finished our night in Ft. Worth with a trip to Billy Bob's, also a first. I had a good time, but it could have been a great time. I loved, loved the bull riding and would have enjoyed the music and watching people dance (Big Daddy wasn't with me)...but it was concert night and someone that could NOT sing was the man of the hour. He gave me a splitting headache!

I left with my resolution for 2010...for Big Daddy and I to brush up on the two-step so we can hit a few country and western dance floors next year, as well as a couple of rodeos. I just love the good 'ol boy aspect of that way of life. Men still open doors for the ladies, they look at you like you're a lady, they call you mam in a good way, not like you're old. I think they basically live by the golden rule, and I like that.

Several that know me may laugh at the idea of me going a little bit country, but I might just surprise you. I'm not saying I'll be wearing rhinestones anytime soon, but stay tuned for the cowboy hat.


~May you find Jesus in the ordinary and may His love be enough~

Big Tex

Fried tomatoes, fried pickles, fried guacamole, fried pork chop, fried snickers, fried Oreo, fried butter, fried grilled cheese, fried banana, fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fried latte...say what? Recognize anything here? One guess as to where you can find these gourmet treats and stop your heart on a dime. Welcome to the State Fair of Texas.

Some things are good, they stand up to the test of time, Fletcher's corny dog, corn on the cob, cotton candy, carmel apple...but fried butter and fried latte!! How on earth do you fry a latte....and WHY on earth would you! And better yet...why would anyone buy and eat such things.
Last Thursday was a fun day spent at the Fair, doing the usual along with some unusual. Usual - over eating, walking the Midway, checking out the car show, listening to a little music, lots of people watching and walking through the exhibits. Unusual - riding the Swans (paddle boats, which I must say I actually enjoyed), wine tasting and last but certainly not least....buying a set of "magic knives" - yes, as seen on tv.

We had basically stopped for a rest. We were the only ones standing there, the guy seemed to get a bit excited that he had an audience, albeit small. We told him we didn't really cook, he was just the first stop inside the door. He shot a look as if to say - I hate you already, but proceeded to give his demonstration.
Who knew a knife could cut through a metal bar, I mean, no idea why you would need to do this...but impressive non the less. It cuts through wood, again, why you would need to do this I don't know - but you could if you wanted to. It dices food so easily one might be tempted to throw out the food processor and it fillets a tomato so thin you would need 10 slices to add taste to your sandwich! Impressive? Well yes, I certainly thought so.

It made me want to be a better person. Ok, maybe a stretch, but at least a better cook. I can report that I've already used the knives twice and it's only been 24 hours...worth the money! I don't think I'll be on Top Chef anytime soon, but it is fun stocking the kitchen and makes me want to see Julie/Julia or whatever the heck the Meryl Streep movie is.

As Ms. Childs would say...Bon appetit!


~May you find Jesus in the ordinary and may His love be enough~

Play Me the Song You're the Piano Man

So I have this thing I like to call "the baby closet"...for future generations. It's a safe place for those darling little numbers we think we can't live without or just too cute to pass up. Some purchases are bargains, some - well, not so much, but doesn't it just stand to reason that it will seem like I'm not spending as much if I already have a collection?

The following purchase has not yet made the closet...

Truly one of THE cutest things I've ever seen. Yes, it is real and I think it belongs in my house :)

Too stinkin cute for words.

~May you find Jesus in the ordinary and may his love be enough~

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Daddy!

Hats off to Big's your birthday, party like a rock star!

A little diddy for Big Daddy :)

On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true; so they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue...

Oops! Sorry, I believe the Carpenters already pinned those words. Here we go....

Stef, Weeber, Daddy, Big Daddy,

Names of the one we celebrate~

Because of your love and unselfishness,

You've made our life so great~

Advisor, coach, handyman, fixer of little girls hair,

These are some of the things you do~

Tax man, yard man, prayer partner,

Just to name a few!

So from our house, the 3 of us,
Me, Maggie and Jake~

We wish you love and happiness,

And can't wait to eat some cake.

Much love Big Daddy!


~May you find Jesus in the ordinary and may His love be enough~

Put it on My Tab

It started innocent enough. I was in desperate need of getting my hair back to my natural blond, shape it up a little, but was in one of those "I would like a little change" moments, so I decided to try someone new.

Enter Dorinda, dear friend, tennis bud, hair always looks great, people ask if we are related, I think, I'll try her girl. Easy enough, I get a call back right away and can you believe, she has an opening the next day! Life is good.

Let me state for the record, this girl was super nice, gets the concept of my hair is dark because I'm aging, please help me age gracefully, give me my natural blond back thing...I liked her.

However, it didn't take long at all to realize I wasn't in Kansas anymore! I've been going to a walk in type hair place for the past year plus, and obviously paying WAY below market rate.

I immediately sent a text to, just approximately how much do you pay for this? She tells me, I start to hyperventilate, I email MY girls...I'm in a bit of a pickle Dick...what do I do? She was running behind, sent me next door for a sandwich, so I had an out...I could just run, vanish, she wouldn't know what hit her! But seriously, who does that?

I sheepishly go back over thinking, I'll take back that cute purse, I'll have a garage sale, whatever, I just don't think I can run out like this. After all, I was in desperate need of having my hair done.

She does shop in a place where all the rooms are private little suites like a Dr., that was my first clue to being more upscale than the place I had been going. She kept trying to talk about pleasantries and I SO wanted to enjoy it, but all I could think of does a $180 hair do look? Will everyone on the street turn and stare? Will they all be smiling, telling me how great I it possible that they will ask me for an autograph thinking I'm someone famous?

I can tell you no! The only thing I was asked to sign was the bill! I felt a blog coming on after my ordeal, but before I could write I had Bible study with several darling young things and another aging gracefully sister.

Anyway, these darlings come prancing in, I like your hair! I'm taken back...first notice since I left the scene of the crime, I ask if Kristen told them to say that, they say no. I ask if I could be nosey and ask much do you pay for hair with color?

All I can say is, I am speechless, and obviously a tightwad. They ALL pay this and more! MORE. I am still in a state of shock, but on sort of level that I'm still not sure I understand, it has somehow made me feel better. People, I'm not kidding I had gastro trouble over this! Well, that and the 1/4 lb of malted milk balls from Lammes!

I had to laugh in spite of the circumstances thinking of the movie line...just put it on my tab! If only it were that easy.

Off to do my first wash and fix...woo-hoo or boo-hoo!


~May you find Jesus in the ordinary and may His love be enough~