Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here's to Mother's Day...

An awesome Mother's day, thank you all for making it such a special day. Our time together is always a blessing, this one was exceptionally sweet. We were minus one and you were missed more than you know.

Always Like to Keep it Real...


~My Cup Runneth Over,


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Forgetting Sarah Myers...

would be impossible!....As the title suggests I want to send you off celebrity style. Titles, quotes, lyrics from movies, songs...I may even make something up!

Start spreading the news...I'm leaving today. I want to be a part of it, New York, New York...if I can make it here, I'll make it...anywhere, it's up to you, New York, New York (Old Blue Eyes)

Why are you going to New York (Jerry Maguire)

Jerry: I'm looking for my complete me, we live in a cynical world...

Dorothy: Shut up. Shut had me at hello.

What your mom and dad might be thinking and praying about New York.

Take good care of my just as kind as you can be (Bobby Vee)

How many people love you, pray for you and will come visit you

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred people (Rent)

Sarah, sweet, sweet friend. I know it's hard to pack up your life in those heavy little bags and say goodbye to your friends and family. Just remember to look forward, not back. Sometimes God has to open our hand and you trust me? Fully? When we say yes Lord we realize it is the door to a blessing we could never have imagined. Never losing, always gaining...

My. Oh. My.

May the road home never be long....returning home makes the goodbyes not look back one last time at your Mother when you leave today! (don't you do it -Ricky Bobby)...remember your daddy loved you first :)...I will always, always be praying for you...I feel like Kristen is leaving all over again!...I will look after didn't even say goodbye to Jake and he's kin :(...we'll save your spot poolside...The Eyes of Texas will always be on you...we can't wait to visit you (US Open, I'm smiling already)...

You have a friend in have a friend in this whole family. I miss you already!

Sara, smile...won't you smile awhile for me (Hall and Oates)

Here's to your next chapter!!!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And They Lived Happily Ever After....

Who doesn't love a good love story? I am probably THE biggest sap ever for a love story that ends well...the cheesier the better. Enter Kate and Will...who the heck knows how this story will end, but I'm in their corner. Things I love about the Royal couple:

- they seem real, comfortable in common rather than royalty

- they invited their butcher to the wedding

- Kate goes to the same hair dresser ABRAF...(after becoming royal and famous)

- Kate stayed true to herself during the wedding process

- Will adored her when he saw her and wasn't afraid to tell her so

- Kate beams when she sees her prince

- playful

- didn't forget Diana in the process

- seem to genuinely love each's to Will and Kate!

Royal Wedding Watch Party...Waiting for the Royals to Arrive

**special china from the Duke and Duchess of Farmers Branch

aka Papa and Teenie

The Best Damn Dames I Know

With Our Engagement Ring and Tiara

Relaxing Before the Ceremony With Hot Tub, Wine and Sweets

Some Royals Can't Sleep...It's Almost Time!

To my girls..thank you for a great time, something we will long remember.


**as always, sorry for picture real camera didn't have the camera card in and Big Daddy will have to retrieve those pictures for me

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am Thankful..


~traffic when I'm trying to get some where during the week...people have jobs

~airplanes...they bring people home

~military families...they show courage most of us only dream of

~the smell of a wet dog on a sunny means we all got to play

~a mess kids were home

~my children, they love the Lord...I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth 3 John4 hope in all things

~rough baseball outings...we learn more in the lean times, learn TO lean, get a chance to practice humility and our character has a chance to shine teaches to embrace each day, walk in gratitude and be tender to the needs and hurts of others

~long lines at the grocery means people have food

~churches...people have a place to worship, serve and give back

~a place called home...the location may change but the people remain the same

~nachos, diet coke and chocolate...

~friends...they remind you what it's like to be one, have one, keep one and lose one

~teaching times from God...even when it involves pain or loss, He holds me tight

~candy cigarettes!...Debbie Boone was right - you light up my life

~yard means I'm healthy enough to do it

~a little of Danny Tanner in me...always ready for a friend to sit a spell

~parents that showed up...from the first sporting event to the last I know they will be in the stands, on the sidelines...50 years and still going strong! listening to hard to hear baseball broadcasts (every night), tracking play by play, driving hours on end for cheer leading, baseball, softball, ladies tennis and no doubt any and all future events - here, there, everywhere...there you'll be

~demanding job...may we walk in gratitude..thankful to have one when many do not. May we steward it well, giving thanks, giving generously to those in need

~precious children in Sunday School that sing in an almost whisper...Jesus loves me this I know

~parents, grandparents and teachers that teach them the song...knowing it's the most important thing they'll ever need to know

~Jesus knows ME...this I love!

~flip flops and sno cones...summer can't be too far behind

~morning glory...first glimpse of God each day...oh how I love to reflect and be thankful for all that was, all that is, and all that is yet to be

~riding my is good when you're cruising in the wind...even better when your basket is full - you're headed some place with a little something to share, or you're taking a small furry friend...

~singing Take Me Out to the means I'm already there

~Big day with you is better than a million without the song says...I'm not as good as I was once but I'm as good once as I ever was

~paying for hair color and cuts...means I'm fortunate enough to have it to do

~baseball caps...for the times I didn't have to

~understanding of the important things...knowing that each day we wake up is the only day we are promised...Lord I pray I make it count for your kingdom

...what will I do with today...will I serve you..will I serve others...will I be content in my circumstances...will I wipe the tears of a hurting friend...will I allow them to wipe mine...will I give thanks before I do one single thing today...will I praise you for the chance of another day...will I randomly show acts of kindness because You were the best example of how and why I should do it..will I love the unlovely...will I love people that aren't going to love me back...will I gladly go in the trenches of trials with my friends and family...will I pray earnestly for those I made a promise of prayer..will I dance in the rain knowing the rainbow waits at the end...will I hug a grouch...kiss a prince...sing Jesus Loves Me when it feels like the world is against me...sing Jesus Loves Me when I'm on the mountain top knowing He put me there...will one person experience the love of Jesus Christ because I allowed You to use me today...

I am Thankful...

My Cup Runneth Over~


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes....

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words....

Keeping it real with my new favorite find....candy cigarettes!

I think life is best when not taken too seriously. I was in need of a little fun yesterday. Thanks to my girls for making it real....real fun that is. To my tennis 'thugs'...I love you! to the moon and back~


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breaking Up is Hard to Do...

There is a quote from an old movie that I've always remembered. The movie, The Other Side of the Mountain...simply stated, how lucky we are to have someone or something that we love enough that it hurts to say goodbye. Such is the case with this bittersweet goodbye.

When I was a little girl my mom and dad worked and for a time I stayed after school with a friend named Debbie. I remember thinking her house was so cool. It was a 1.5 story or something along those lines. We would go to her bedroom and jump to the ground....quite the dare devils! It looked and felt like a long, long way to the bottom. We never broke our bones so clearly it wasn't a full two story, but it was fun!

I liked her house and I like something else she had...a piano. I remember thinking I would never want another thing if only I had my own piano and could take piano lessons.

I have no idea how long I wished for one, how much I might have asked or begged...I really don't remember the details. But I know I will never forget walking in my house and setting my eyes on a dream come very own piano.

I remember lessons with Mrs. Ordat, I remember liking her. I remember a recital or not remember what I played. I remember not practicing enough, I remember my teacher starting me on hymns and chords and nothing was ever the same...I loved playing those hymns...I still do! I remember playing for my grandmother and grandfather...they loved The Old Rugged Cross. Many good times around the piano, still.

Fortunately, unfortunately I'm wound pretty tight, my attention span shifts as fast as the swirling thoughts and ideas in my pea brain, so my interest in piano was one of many things I would try. Like most things I tried, I did them fairly well* but never excelled in anything. Looking back it's hard to know if I regret that or not. Being great at something would be nice and there are so many times I wish I could REALLY play the piano. But being great takes time, passion and practice. I might just be okay with running the gamut of activities.

There was the time I wanted to join the marching father said very matter of fact that I might look funny pushing the piano during halftime. As I recall, I'm not sure I thought he was very funny at the time. Turns out that 'no' opened the door to cheer leading and drill team and friends I still cherish today. Is it too late to say thanks Dad?!?

I played long enough to have a crazy love for music and maybe just a little knowledge of playing. I still to play - when I'm alone. I don't mind my small audience of 2. Jake and Maggie don't seem to mind the sour notes.

It has always meant SO much to me that my dad gave me that piano, but it didn't sink in until the other day how much he might have sacrificed for me. I know that it was truly a gift of love...thank you Daddy! Thank you so much.

I decided recently to part with my gift. It was a very hard decision, but I have another piano and rather than have it sit idle I wanted someone else to be able to enjoy it. I searched and made calls all over Austin to find someone that would fix it up and make sure it went to a deserving child.

Thank you Lord for Ron. Ron fixes and refurbishes pianos. He assured me that he would find a deserving child and home. I was so happy! I just didn't know how emotional it would be to see it leave me. 40+ years, the tears did flow. Not for the piano itself, although I did love tickling the keys one last time...but for the love that brought it to me those many years ago and the love it game me over the years.

Thankfully I can pay it forward.....this note accompanied it out my door.

To whoever is blessed and receives this piano...I hope your eyes light up when you see it for the first time...mine did. May you love it as much as I have. May you find joy in learning to play. May you find and enjoy a love for music for your entire life. Play when you're happy, play when you are sad. I promise it will bring you joy in both....always.

Keep one hand open so you can give something back~

*Algebra did NOT make the list of things I did fairly well.

Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Beginning to Look.....

A lot like Christmas!!!

Oh happy day...Christmas finally arrived! Kristen posted this little gem on her blog back in June and I decided that day that this was going to be mine. Not even Santa could get the model, make and color in time for Christmas. It made for a sweet Valentine when word came that "Lola" was on her way. Unfortunately the flu bug was also in route and I'm just now able to take her for a spin. Short spins at that. I cough like a maniac when I get back home, so we're keeping it local. This little gem is fully loaded :)....leather, lights, bell for traffic and basket...
for whatever or "whoever" might need a lift!
Me and Posh heading out for a little night ride....

It's official...this dog is NUTS! He was not posing for a picture...he cozied down and was ready for the long haul...he is c-r-a-z-y!
**Note Picture on back for Nana...and Ms. Maggie peeking!

It felt good to smile after a couple of rough weeks of flu...thanks Santa!!!