Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh When the Saints....

Are St. Thomas, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. is pretty sweet. Throw in Barbados, Dominica and San Juan, you have a pretty good vacation. We just got home from a much needed vacation and as good as it was, I have to say it feels good to be back home.

We took a cruise which basically means, eat, excursion, eat, shop, eat, beach, eat, layout, eat, casino, eat, Bingo, eat, spa, dress up to eat, be entertained (music, dancing, magicians, comedians), eat midnight buffet, sleep and repeat.

We sailed at night which of course meant waking each morning in a different port. A beautiful port, but a new port to be explored, every morning. By day 5 we were thinking we would probably have to come home to rest. Here are a few pictures (from my phone - sorry).

I do believe I found God here every single day. The water so blue, sand was snow white and mountains so green. I read a couple of books on the trip. One book was especially powerful. Choosing to SEE. The story of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman, their family struggles, their ministry and the tragedy of losing a young daughter at the hands of own son pulling into their driveway. It makes you really think about the responsibility we have to be stewards of whatever story God has given us. I really do stand amazed at the wonders of all His works.

My two travel buddies :) They pretty much begged me to stop and take pictures of them! They were fun, very good sports on all things...but not gonna lie, I could use a little more estrogen on the next one - strength in numbers girls. I missed my girls (and Dave), my parents and my pups more than they know.
I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw this tennis court nestled in near the ocean...yea God! If I played here I might not mind losing. Wait, yes I would but it would still be beautiful.

And finally - whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words...or dollars, was probably emailing pictures from St. John. We were quite excited when we hit St. Thomas and realized we still received our phone service. We took a boat to St. John, absolutely breath taking....and I decided to take a photo and send to several family members with the catchy, over used phrase - Life's a Beach. A little message pops up. In the bright sun and no glasses I thought it resembled something like - you're not in Kansas anymore. Let's just say a few minutes later Taylor informs me that I've sent it with international rates...awesome. Needless to say it was my one and only picture sent while we were gone.

C'mon AT&T...go easy on me, please. Enjoy the awesome weather, and get those pumpkins out!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We're Off to See the Wizard...

It might just be getting goofy at our house! The weather is perfect for rolling out some fall scary business and one of my subjects just happened by while I was pulling out the goods :) There really IS no place like home!

Looks like he might have too many options this year! Can't decide and he just started trying things on....

Love fall, love the kids (and dogs) deciding what to be, love trick or treat for what it is - fun. Decorating has officially started - let the fun begin!