Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snips and Snails....

And puppy dog tails...
That's what little boys are made of.

Ya-Ya, Me and Cooper Lea...
It really doesn't get any better than this.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finding Feathers...

Beth Moore wrote an awesome book titled Feathers From My Nest. It is a book about finding yourself in the empty nest stage of life coming across things your children leave behind. It was like a mirror of my life, I loved every page, found so many similarities and can still bawl just walking near the area where the book rests today. I find great joy in finding feathers. Hats, shoes, notes, guitar picks in the dryer, baseball anything, clothes, hair ties, sunglasses, swim suits and the lone sock with no mate in sight...I love them all. Always a prayer for the chick in flight (I've always called mine chick-a-dees) always a tear, sometimes an all out boo-hoo, I love the treasures they leave behind. Beth's book does come with a warning: do not read if you are sending a child to college in May!

A couple of my recent finds:

From middle chick Kristen...this was in a closet I was cleaning and it was sticky on those darling little sleeves so I hung it out to get a little fresh air. She was a cute little thing in that jacket!

Always feathers from this chick! These were the most recent while picking up a few things in the garage. His feathers can be seen in most areas of the house so I am pacing myself and find them when I need them.

Thankfully God has planted my oldest chick and my newest chick (her husband) close enough for fly-bys and the feather I find most often barks! I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Walking in gratitude and loving the feathers I find along the way!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ms. Maggie Was...

Riding in the car with boys!

Austin weather has been just about perfect the last couple of days. We loaded up, windows down, sunroof open, radio up and a couple of drive thru tots from Sonic. Doesn't get much better than this!


Monday, March 8, 2010

On the Road Again...

Just can't wait to get on the road again...

And just like that, the Boy is gone. Stairs are once again empty of shoes, shirts, socks, books, pull overs, sunglasses, baseballs, gloves. Coffee pot does not have dried coffee beans stuck inside and the canister is once again clean, empty, no day old coffee fermenting inside. Floors are clean, no red clay from the day's workout at our local HS, no smelly workout clothes from the gym. Energy drink bottles are clean and arranged in the pantry and all towels are clean, folded and back in their piles running from tub to bedroom. Order is restored and Danny (Tanner) is back on her game! Not quite, not just yet.

Yes we have order and I'm not going to lie, I do like a bit of order. But we also have quiet and I was getting very comfortable with a house buddy. It has truly been a gift to have these past few months with Boy at home.

We have had awesome chats, we have laughed, prayed over Kate McKrae and Layla Grace, worked at The Storehouse, traveled to Dallas, watched some Ellen :), I think I even caught him watching The View! I loved waking up and knowing I had a little company, someone to share part of the day with, run a few errands here and there, enjoy our snow's been a lot of fun...for me. Not sure it was as much fun for him, but he humored me, thank you.

He doesn't belong here anymore than Tiffany did after college or Kristen after NY. They are meant to be on their own and breeze through now and then for a free meal.

I get it, I really do, but for some reason it felt a little bit like first day of college when he left this time. The girls enjoyed him being here too and they understood that leaving might be emotional, so they came, they stayed - we played, it was great...thank you girls (and Teenie).

I decided to take one day, today, to just take in all I've been blessed with, shed a few tears of absolute gratitude, pray over my awesome family and get back in the real world tomorrow.

As the great Dr. Seuss said...Don't Cry Because It's Over, Smile Because It Happened~

And without even trying we find Jesus in the ordinary.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For You

Happy Birthday Tiffany Marie~

Born 3/4/1981 @ 6:10 pm, 4 lbs. 12.5 oz, 19 inches long

First day home - 3/9/81

News Headlines - John Henkley Jr. tried to assassinate President Reagan

Popular Songs - Hello My Friend, Hello (Neil Diamond)

Endless Love (Lionel Richie)

Latest Dance - Cotton Eye Joe, Stroll

Big Names in Sports - Tony Dorsett, Reggie Jackson, Danny White

Best Movie of the Year - Jazz Singer

Best Selling Books - If There Be Thorns

Popular TV Shows - Dallas, Hart to Hart

Fashions, Fads, Etc., - Country Western Dress, Calvin Klein Jeans, Leg Warmers

Held Head Up - 1 week

Turned Head/Followed Movement - 1 month

Turned Over - 4 months

Slept All Night - 8.5 weeks

Smiled - 1 week Laughed on 7/2/81 - 4 months old

Sat Alone - 6 months @ Cathy & Jaye's house

Crawled - 6 months, 1 week

Pulled Self Up - 7 months

First Words - Dog, Da Da, Bye, Bye @ 8 months

First Tooth - 8 months

First Steps - 9 months..yes, true fact she was walking at 9 months...talking in FULL sentences at 14 months!

Toys - Snoopy, Yellow Bear, Loretta, Spike

Pets - Loves Duchess

Songs - Loves Theme from Beverly Hillbillies (WHAT)???

Loves to watch us do cheers :)...

First Birthday remarks - already starting to be a ham...(shock, shock)

Second Birthday - first party with kids!

Third Birthday - Went to Penny Whistle Park...Beth Davis was our clown :)

Fourth Birthday - Nana & PaPa gave her birthstone ring

Fifth Birthday - First slumber party!

First Christmas - Tiffany was very sick :(

First Trip to Disney World - 2.5 with Mom, Nana and Mike

First Trip to Disneyland - 5, with Mom, Nana and Mike

In reading over report cards, thank you notes, etc., I found two that were from Andy Morrow - obviously Tiffany's bus driver, he was so sweet. No telling what she gave him, but here were his two handwritten thank you notes:

1) (Kindergarten) Thank you both for your kindness, you have a beautiful daughter. I made sure no one abused her on the bus. I will drive for Greyhound Trailways over the summer months. They called me in April but I couldn't go then. I hope to see you folks again sometime along the way. Thank you for your faith and kindness. Love always, Andy Morrow

2) (1st Grade) Thank you little darling for the lovely gift. I will ALWAYS remember you. You are the greatest to me. I will be thinking about you when I'm going down that lonesome highway. I will be driving for Greyhound Trailways over the summer months. With my love, Andy Morrow

Not surprising that she cast a loving spell on everyone she met. She started early and has been doing it all her life. My life is blessed because of you, you bring me great joy and make me proud every day. Here's to my favorite red head...Happy Birthday!

My cup runneth over!

I love you...Mom


Instant Means Instant

I don't have pictures to follow this sad little "cooking" story, I was too upset and fighting back tears to whip out evidence of what happened. Let's just say this is why I don't get the Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart thing.

We've been trying to empty the pantry and refrigerator for a couple of weeks, we're going to try to eat more natural things. I know, I know it will be healthy, good for us, etc., but I have to admit I'm doing it because I feel so sorry for the animals that have no place to roam, shot full of hormones, the list is endless of the cruel treatment. All for the sake of profit. Out with the old, in with the new, it's time for a trip to the organic, healthy store.

It was like being in a foreign country. They don't know me here. Where are the Ho-Ho's, Swiss Cake Rolls, Diet Coke? Do I get extra points for remembering my go green shopping bags. I wondered around for over an hour (and this store is not big), somewhat overwhelmed by how tiny a jar of fruit spread (instead of jelly) could be and how much it cost.

After a $65.00 tab for one meal and just a few staples, one being organic milk that Big Daddy said actually tasted pretty good, I was headed home to start this great meal. I think just shopping in a healthy store made me feel like I didn't need to exercise that day. Wait...I never exercise.

No need to list all the ingredients, but let's just say it's the first time in 30 years I've purchased water chestnuts, green peas or cider vinegar. I'm the queen of substitution when it comes to recipes, but this one I followed exactly. I was actually proud of myself, it was looking good, tasting very good. I was just starting to think I should try this more often when I noticed the rice wasn't cooking. Patience my friend. I give it a stir, check it in a few...nothing.

I go back to my recipe and to my horror realize that it called for 2 cups of uncooked instant rice. It was in bold. I thought this was listed in bold because it clearly not cook the rice before dumping 2 cups into a million dollar recipe. Wrong! Bold because you need to use INSTANT brown rice.

A hint of worry hit me but not panic. Not yet. I don't eat rice, I don't drink coffee. I don't cook rice, I don't make coffee. So I'm thinking, seriously, how much difference can it make? It might take a little longer, no big deal. Let's just say I started this meal at 5:30, added the rice at 6:10, was supposed to be eating at 6:30. The rice, along with extra water and almost triple the chicken stock it called for was STILL cooking at 9:30 and not done!

9:30! My entire cul-de-sac was lights out, bootleg Jake had already picked Vienna on The Bachelor (which I do not watch) and UT who once trailed by 13 points was now leading OU in basketball. The sun had set and yet my rice was still not done!

Hunger pains and curiosity got the best of us so we decided to eat at 9:40. How was it you ask? Take your worst meal, ever...that's how it tasted. Horrible. Try as we may we couldn't hack it. I think the words, don't put that stuff down the disposal, it will clog it up pretty much said it all. By 10:15 we were all eating cheese toasts and PBJ's and praying morning would come so we could pour cereal from a box.

We have not had a meal at home since. And all the people said, Amen.