Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes....

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words....

Keeping it real with my new favorite find....candy cigarettes!

I think life is best when not taken too seriously. I was in need of a little fun yesterday. Thanks to my girls for making it real....real fun that is. To my tennis 'thugs'...I love you! to the moon and back~


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breaking Up is Hard to Do...

There is a quote from an old movie that I've always remembered. The movie, The Other Side of the Mountain...simply stated, how lucky we are to have someone or something that we love enough that it hurts to say goodbye. Such is the case with this bittersweet goodbye.

When I was a little girl my mom and dad worked and for a time I stayed after school with a friend named Debbie. I remember thinking her house was so cool. It was a 1.5 story or something along those lines. We would go to her bedroom and jump to the ground....quite the dare devils! It looked and felt like a long, long way to the bottom. We never broke our bones so clearly it wasn't a full two story, but it was fun!

I liked her house and I like something else she had...a piano. I remember thinking I would never want another thing if only I had my own piano and could take piano lessons.

I have no idea how long I wished for one, how much I might have asked or begged...I really don't remember the details. But I know I will never forget walking in my house and setting my eyes on a dream come very own piano.

I remember lessons with Mrs. Ordat, I remember liking her. I remember a recital or not remember what I played. I remember not practicing enough, I remember my teacher starting me on hymns and chords and nothing was ever the same...I loved playing those hymns...I still do! I remember playing for my grandmother and grandfather...they loved The Old Rugged Cross. Many good times around the piano, still.

Fortunately, unfortunately I'm wound pretty tight, my attention span shifts as fast as the swirling thoughts and ideas in my pea brain, so my interest in piano was one of many things I would try. Like most things I tried, I did them fairly well* but never excelled in anything. Looking back it's hard to know if I regret that or not. Being great at something would be nice and there are so many times I wish I could REALLY play the piano. But being great takes time, passion and practice. I might just be okay with running the gamut of activities.

There was the time I wanted to join the marching father said very matter of fact that I might look funny pushing the piano during halftime. As I recall, I'm not sure I thought he was very funny at the time. Turns out that 'no' opened the door to cheer leading and drill team and friends I still cherish today. Is it too late to say thanks Dad?!?

I played long enough to have a crazy love for music and maybe just a little knowledge of playing. I still to play - when I'm alone. I don't mind my small audience of 2. Jake and Maggie don't seem to mind the sour notes.

It has always meant SO much to me that my dad gave me that piano, but it didn't sink in until the other day how much he might have sacrificed for me. I know that it was truly a gift of love...thank you Daddy! Thank you so much.

I decided recently to part with my gift. It was a very hard decision, but I have another piano and rather than have it sit idle I wanted someone else to be able to enjoy it. I searched and made calls all over Austin to find someone that would fix it up and make sure it went to a deserving child.

Thank you Lord for Ron. Ron fixes and refurbishes pianos. He assured me that he would find a deserving child and home. I was so happy! I just didn't know how emotional it would be to see it leave me. 40+ years, the tears did flow. Not for the piano itself, although I did love tickling the keys one last time...but for the love that brought it to me those many years ago and the love it game me over the years.

Thankfully I can pay it forward.....this note accompanied it out my door.

To whoever is blessed and receives this piano...I hope your eyes light up when you see it for the first time...mine did. May you love it as much as I have. May you find joy in learning to play. May you find and enjoy a love for music for your entire life. Play when you're happy, play when you are sad. I promise it will bring you joy in both....always.

Keep one hand open so you can give something back~

*Algebra did NOT make the list of things I did fairly well.