Monday, June 7, 2010

Really Doctor???...

Did you ever have children?!? If you did I'm not sure how you could follow your own advice....
~Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened~ Dr. Seuss

I do love the saying, I recited it, over and over and over as they left one by one. I'm not gonna lie, it didn't work this time! I think the tears were necessary, I needed to savor the blessing we just experienced. I'm still taking it all in, but it was a hard goodbye. I love, love, love Christmas and having everyone here this past weekend was a bit like being in the bonus round...a mini Christmas where you feel warm and enjoy just being together...being home. I love that we enjoy each other and want to be together.

I love arrival day, sending the email...for you're coming to my house today. NO idea how that got started, I just know it started in college when a chick would be heading home and continues today! I love that they explode (literally) in their respective rooms and I love knowing they sleep peacefully in their beds. I love that in these times I'm needed. After 29, 25 and 23 years, they can't brush teeth without leaving wads of toothpaste in the sink. They are blind to objects left on the stairs that need a home on the second level. I seriously think they would slide down the rails rather than carry things upstairs!! They leave hair ties, toothbrushes, books, magazines, keys, name it, laying where they were last touched. They think dishes jump in the dishwasher while they sleep and clothes jump into closets and drawers! They need me, they really need me! :)

I love that after several moves this house is beginning to feel like home. Memories are being made and happiness lives here. Somewhere in the dysfunction that exists on a higher level than even I ever dreamed possible lives a full, blessed family...God is good!

I think maybe Dorothy was on to something. There really is no place like home~

Here's to the ones that make it all worth cup runneth over. xoxo

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