Saturday, May 7, 2011

Forgetting Sarah Myers...

would be impossible!....As the title suggests I want to send you off celebrity style. Titles, quotes, lyrics from movies, songs...I may even make something up!

Start spreading the news...I'm leaving today. I want to be a part of it, New York, New York...if I can make it here, I'll make it...anywhere, it's up to you, New York, New York (Old Blue Eyes)

Why are you going to New York (Jerry Maguire)

Jerry: I'm looking for my complete me, we live in a cynical world...

Dorothy: Shut up. Shut had me at hello.

What your mom and dad might be thinking and praying about New York.

Take good care of my just as kind as you can be (Bobby Vee)

How many people love you, pray for you and will come visit you

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred people (Rent)

Sarah, sweet, sweet friend. I know it's hard to pack up your life in those heavy little bags and say goodbye to your friends and family. Just remember to look forward, not back. Sometimes God has to open our hand and you trust me? Fully? When we say yes Lord we realize it is the door to a blessing we could never have imagined. Never losing, always gaining...

My. Oh. My.

May the road home never be long....returning home makes the goodbyes not look back one last time at your Mother when you leave today! (don't you do it -Ricky Bobby)...remember your daddy loved you first :)...I will always, always be praying for you...I feel like Kristen is leaving all over again!...I will look after didn't even say goodbye to Jake and he's kin :(...we'll save your spot poolside...The Eyes of Texas will always be on you...we can't wait to visit you (US Open, I'm smiling already)...

You have a friend in have a friend in this whole family. I miss you already!

Sara, smile...won't you smile awhile for me (Hall and Oates)

Here's to your next chapter!!!



  1. How sweet!! We will miss you, Sarah! (I want to move somewhere so you'll write a blog to ME.) HAHA.

  2. You and Charlie can never...ever move! I'll write a post...can't go.

  3. HOW AM I JUST NOW SEEING THIS?! v-rog, you just made my whole life by writing this blog for little 'ol me!!! so sweet and SO NEEDED today... where are my rogers' girls?! i need ya'll up here with me for all this... i should start writing a book and i've only been here 7 days. LOVE YOU and MISS YOU and "i hope you'll text" (marilyn dean, the break-up). xoxo!!! sarah