Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And They Lived Happily Ever After....

Who doesn't love a good love story? I am probably THE biggest sap ever for a love story that ends well...the cheesier the better. Enter Kate and Will...who the heck knows how this story will end, but I'm in their corner. Things I love about the Royal couple:

- they seem real, comfortable in common rather than royalty

- they invited their butcher to the wedding

- Kate goes to the same hair dresser ABRAF...(after becoming royal and famous)

- Kate stayed true to herself during the wedding process

- Will adored her when he saw her and wasn't afraid to tell her so

- Kate beams when she sees her prince

- playful

- didn't forget Diana in the process

- seem to genuinely love each's to Will and Kate!

Royal Wedding Watch Party...Waiting for the Royals to Arrive

**special china from the Duke and Duchess of Farmers Branch

aka Papa and Teenie

The Best Damn Dames I Know

With Our Engagement Ring and Tiara

Relaxing Before the Ceremony With Hot Tub, Wine and Sweets

Some Royals Can't Sleep...It's Almost Time!

To my girls..thank you for a great time, something we will long remember.


**as always, sorry for picture real camera didn't have the camera card in and Big Daddy will have to retrieve those pictures for me


  1. LOVE THIS!!!! Way to throw a party, V-Rog!

  2. SO fun! I love the china and the rings! Worth's needed to make the set! :) You thought of every perfect detail!