Friday, August 27, 2010

What Could Be Better...

...Than enjoying dinner and Jersey Boys with a group of friends? Maybe running into precious young things that are BFF's with your kids?? I wanted to change seats so I could sing and dance, but they informed me that they were there with VIP' dancing on their row either.

Jersey Boys is just so stinkin good and our seats were amazing...I love it. It reminds me of NY where we have enjoyed so many great, not good, great times in the past few years. It does hold a special magic for us all. This was my first viewing with 40+ people from my church, so I did leave wondering how in the world I didn't notice how much those Jersey Boys loved the"F" word the first 3 times I saw it! To which one of my dearest've just heard it so F#R*I@C%K#I%N#G many times you don't notice it! I think it might have something to do with our intermission convo where I proceeded to tell her that I just recently learned that my use of "frickin" was a bad word. What the H? Who knew! I think I used it as "stupid" because I don't use that word so it's a substitute. Oh for the love!!! I think it's going to be a hard habit to break, but I guess I can try.

Well, what could be better than dinner and Jersey Boys is spending time with people you could squeeze! Here is a picture of a couple of the cuties from last night, enjoying some dog days of summer...are they cute or what? We jumped on planning for a bonus round in the pool on Labor Day and I'm counting down. Add my chicks and we're good to go! Eligible bachelors, you better come mow my yard shirtless! These girls are a catch.

Ahh Friday! Gotta run finish sweeping water out of the garage. Water softener did some number that has made a huge mess out there. Oh well, we were wondering what we were going to do this weekend...thank you WS for helping us decide.

Happy, Happy Friday!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Spam Works....

I've often wondered why emails would suddenly pop up in SPAM on my computer. Clearly some tiny little person...or maybe it's technology, maybe it's your cookies, obviously I have no idea....but clearly someone, somewhere is paying attention to what you search on websites. Call me slow...I know.

I have been researching like crazy the past few days about video surveillance cameras for outside my home, wireless video/audio monitoring. I'm not saying I'm a big chicken, I'm just saying I am willing to do quite a bit to get more sleep when Steve travels. Sorry Karen, but sleeping with a loaded pistol doesn't work for me!

To anyone who might be thinking of messing with me, you better re-think it. My SPAM had over fifty...5-0 emails about armored cars, covert cameras, bullet proof vests...there might have even been one about borrowing a Secret Service agent! I couldn't believe it. Friends always welcome, but the Boogie Man better watch out! That cute little plant on the front porch might just be watching you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boys of Fall...

I think I've become obsessed with the new Kenny Chesney video, The Boys of Fall. You can't simply hear the song, you must see the video.**With any luck my editor in chief will read this blog and add the link to view it. You know I don't know how to do that! If not, you'll have to google it...sorry. It is sweet, amazing, brings back a LOT of memories and I'm not sure I can think of a bad memory involving Friday night football. Although this particular post includes pictures of my own little Friday night hero, I will pay tribute to the "gals" of Friday night football in a future post. We were never short on cheering for The Boys of Fall!

Editor's note: To view the video click here.

I think the lyrics to this song are so good. I love the clips of the players, coaches, the "pep talks" but mostly I love the boys, the game, coming together, lessons, the taste of victory and the agony of defeat. We grow in both.

I like it when they chant "last play"....talking about your last play - what will they remember you by. It's interesting, motivating and fun to think of it in the world of sports, and challenging when we think of it in terms of furthering the kingdom. What do I want my last play to be for the sake of Jesus Christ? What do I want to be remembered by?

Several of the coaches made excellent points. Don't look too far into the future, live in the moment of now, with each other...great point. Make the most of today. You will miss the feeling of playing the game, anticipating the game, the pep rallies, butterflies...all that IS Friday night football. You get that feeling when you get married, have will have that feeling, just not on a regular basis...embrace it while you can.

A coach says this: anybody can be a leader, first in line when things are going great~the test is when you battle through the tough times, when things aren't perfect...where do you stand?

Lyrics say this: I've got your back when your back's against the wall~you mess with one've got us all...

United, a brotherhood, regardless of what you face, you're not alone. You have someone's back, and they have yours. Praying over a team mate that loses a father, one that loses a mother to cancer, watching buses leave with team mates that you call friend, not knowing when your path will cross again...battling through the tough times. Sometimes it is more than just a game.

And finally...the most important, the little guys...where dreams begin. I LOVE the footage of all the little kids, the advice the men that played the game give. I literally watched this 50 times today and smiled every single time.

For a special someone in my own circle that is chasing a dream but living in the reality of what it costs...I love you more than any words could ever say. May God bless you and keep you until the road leads home~

Hats off to The Boys of Fall...Dream Big
The Boys of Spring Aren't Too Bad!