Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Pick....


And I did choose you, 31 years ago today! Have we walked some miles or what!! We have lived in 3 apartments, 8 houses, 6 cities, 2 states. We have buried 3 dogs and 2 rabbits...God bless their little hearts. You've given one daughter away and paid for 3 college degrees! As Sean Connery would say "you're the man now dog"...love that movie. You have had 3 jobs in our married years together, I have had 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6...enough of that. You have had 2 surgeries, I have had 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...I'd say that's enough comparisons for now.

I feel like our life is mirror image of some of my favorite movies and shows..I'm sure that's why they are favorites!

I don't know anyone that could disagree that we are Lucy and Ricky (I Love Lucy) on a daily basis. Thank you to the countless Ethels in my life for helping me keep it real.

We run a close race with George and Nina from Father of the Bride...you of course being Mr. Banks! Are you ever in the loop on decisions? Yes, you are..you just forget that you are!

How about Birdee and Justin Matisse from Hope Floats...there is a little romantic guy in there from time to time. Nothing makes me happier than doing a whirl on the dance floor with you.

Only 2 people reading this blog will know this movie...Spencer's Mountain. You've spent your whole life putting your family before yourself . Clay Spencer was a hard working man and he took excellent care of his family- thank you.

Ahh, Gone With the Wind...I think on occasion I like to get my way, and maybe on occasion you have a little Rhett Butler in you. You just seem to tune me out...Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!

I think we mirror Steel Magnolias in almost every way, Drum and M'Lynn. We love our kids, our family, our friends. Nothing makes us happier then spending time together and having great times and making memories with all the people we love. Next to God our children mean the world to us. I'm sort of laughing thinking just how much you really DO resemble Drum!!

And the older we get and after some of the miles we've journeyed, The Notebook. Allie and Noah...do you think our love can take us away together? I think our love can do anything it wants to.

Thank you for taking the best care of me for 31 years and for giving me our 3 greatest contributions to society, Tiffany, Kristen and Taylor.

We know we couldn't last a day without THE foundation we have built our love and our life on, our Lord Jesus Christ. I don't know why He gave me you, but I'm blessed, and you guessed it...my cup runneth over.

Here's Looking at You Kid~

Time after time,
I tell myself that I'm
So lucky to be loving you~
So lucky to be,
The one you run to see
In the evening, when the day is through~
I only know what I know,
The passing years will show
You've kept my love so young, so new~
And time after time,
You'll hear me say that I'm ,
So lucky to be loving you~
Rod Stewart

XOXO, Vicki

Friday, July 2, 2010

How Did THESE Get In My Bag!!

Too Cute! Might As Well Keep Them

Just got home from a great girls trip to the mountains, was unpacking my bags and ran across these cute little numbers...NO idea how they got there, but they will look nice in the baby closet :)

If you look closely the little food plate says "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" ...just a little play on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Corny, but I like it. Note the 4 little compartments for essentials: nachos, chips, hot sauce and guacamole.

Long time since I've posted, I'll do a little update of what's been going on, but as Ms. Scarlett says after all, tomorrow is another day~